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Count on Me : Joe Thomas X FlipSled

Apr 23, 2023 11:45:00 PM
Count On Me: 

Joe Thomas is widely regarded as one of the greatest offensive linemen in the history of the NFL. Thomas was an eleven-time Pro Bowler and a seven-time first-team All-Pro selection, and he was considered as one of the most consistent and reliable players in the league. In addition to his incredible stats, Thomas mentions his pride in his NFL record for his snap streak of 10,363 consecutive snaps in the NFL. Check out what Joe Thomas has to say about his time as an offensive linemen in the NFL.

1L4A0035 (2)We watched Joe Thomas train with NFL linemen, Ryan Groy, Rob Havenstien, and trainer, Brian Bott, and saw some Big Linemen Energy! They used the FlipSled for all types of linemen drills ranging from double teams, lineman throws, sled pushes and tire flips. But after talking to Joe Thomas and learning about his mindset and experience you get a sense of what Big Linemen Energy really is: it's the mentality. The focus on accountability and reliability runs deep with offensive linemen. Every play is the most important play for linemen. Big Linemen Energy also speaks to the brotherhood of offensive linemen.

Joe Thomas continues his legacy and involvement in the brotherhood by passing down the knowledge he has gained throughout his career to the next generation of linemen. As a proud University of Wisconsin alumni, Thomas invited Jack Nelson and Tanor Bortolini, current linemen at University of Wisconsin, to the workout. The college linemen jumped in and joined the fun with the FlipSled. The five linemen shared tips, feedback, and their favorite FlipSled drills. 

It was an honor to watch these linemen train with the FlipSled. Check out more drills from Joe Thomas. 

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