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FlipSled: Football Summer Training

May 10, 2023 11:45:00 PM

Summer FlipSled Training: 

The FlipSled can be extremely useful for high school football teams looking to prepare for the upcoming season during the summer months. By simulating game-like situations, the FlipSled helps to develop strength, power, and explosiveness - all crucial qualities for success on the football field. With the help of FlipSled, high school football teams can take their training to the next level and enter the season feeling confident and prepared.

1) FlipSled Stations 

Station drills are important for several reasons.

  • First, they allow coaches to target specific areas of weakness in individual players and address them through targeted training.
  • Second, they help to improve team communication and cohesion, as players work together in groups to complete each station.
  • Third, they provide a high-intensity workout that helps players build endurance and stamina, critical attributes for success in football.
  • Finally, station drills help keep practices fresh and engaging, reducing the risk of boredom and burnout among players. Add these FlipSled stations to your team’s summer workout!


2) Team Sled Pushes 

On-field team sled pushes are a highly effective training technique for high school football teams, and they offer several key benefits:

  • First, they help to develop strength and power in the lower body. The resistance provided by the sled forces players to push harder, activate muscles in the legs, hips, and core, and promote explosive movements.
  • Second, on-field team sled pushes help build teamwork and camaraderie among players. Working together to push the sled requires coordination, communication, and a shared sense of purpose, which can help to foster a sense of unity and cohesion within the team.
  • Finally, on-field team sled pushes can be used to simulate game-like conditioning, helping players to develop the physical and mental toughness required to succeed in competitive football.


3) Team Pancake Relay 

The FlipSled pancake move is an important drill for high school football teams as it allows players to develop the strength and confidence required to effectively execute blocks on the field. The Pancake move is the first and only blocking sled that players can throw and finish during the drill...effectively teaching players to fully finish their block. The throwing motion of the pancake move conditions athletes to explode through their opponent rather than stopping on initial contact. This drill will create a fun team competition while simulating on field resistance and explosiveness. 


Check out more FlipSled drills to add to your summer workout! 

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