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NFL Veterans Embrace the FlipSled for Offensive Line Training

Jul 17, 2023 11:30:00 PM

Joe Thomas and Alex Boone, former top NFL offensive linemen, have embraced the FlipSled as a crucial component of their offensive lineman's training routines.

Brute Offensive Linemen Camp: 

In the summer of 2022, Alex Boone and NFL combine trainer, Bill Welle, started Brute Oline Development Camp which trains high school and college offensive lineman for the next level. During the inaugural Brute Oline Camp, Joe Thomas joined Boone as guest trainer at the camp.  Alex Boone and Joe Thomas introduced their linemen to all the benefits of the FlipSled. The FlipSled played an integral part in the Brute Oline camp by allowing the linemen to train power and strength. Check out some images from the first-ever Brute Oline camp with Joe Thomas and Alex Boone. 

Boone and Thomas FlipSled
Tire Flip Joe Thomas and Alex Boone
FlipSled - Boone and Thomas

“The FlipSled is a game-changer. It's going to help these young players take their game to the next level.” - Alex Boone, Head Trainer at Brute OLine Development & Former San Francisco 49er

This summer, Alex Boone hosted the 2nd annual Brute Offensive Lineman Camp. At this year's camp, the FlipSled played an even larger role than the previous year. Top college offensive linemen from around the country attended the two-day camp. The linemen used the FlipSled for multiple drills over the two days to enhance their run-blocking power and technique.  The FlipSled was a key tool in the camp's training regimen this year.  

Brute Oline FlipSled Training
Brute Oline FlipSled Training


Joe Thomas - Sports AdvantEdge 

Joe Thomas, along with gym owner and trainer, Brain Bott, NFL lineman, Ryan Groy and Rob Havenstien, opened up the 5th Sports AdvantEdge location in Wisconsin in 2023. The linemen crew knew they needed a FlipSled to create the ultimate lineman training. Check out some images below of the FlipSled being used in the ultimate lineman training session. 

Joe Thomas - FlipSled Training
Joe Thomas- FlipSled Training
Joe Thomas - FlipSled Training
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“Instantly I could just tell it was a great training tool to teach you the positions that you get in as an offensive lineman on the football field. You are learning how to come out of your stance, hit your man, drive him down the field, fire and bring your hips and then finish the block at the end. I don't know any other sled that does that” - Joe Thomas, NFL's Iron Man 


One of the key aspects that impressed both Joe Thomas and Alex Boone about the FlipSled is its versatility and applicability to lineman on the field. The FlipSled offers a range of exercises and movements that target specific muscle groups and enhance overall power, conditioning, and technique. Additionally, the heavy resistance provided by the FlipSled challenges offensive linemen to push their limits, developing their strength, grit, and toughness.

The FlipSled has received resounding approval from NFL veterans like Joe Thomas and Alex Boone, both of whom recognize its value in offensive line training. Their positive experiences and endorsement highlight the effectiveness and benefits of incorporating FlipSled into training routines. For offensive linemen aspiring to elevate their performance, the FlipSled is a tool that can help them reach their goals, just as it has helped these esteemed NFL veterans.

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