How To Transform The FlipSled

May 14, 2023 11:45:00 PM

How to Transform The FlipSled:  

Get the most out of your equipment! You can easily transform your FlipSled from a Weighted Tire to a Team Sled to the Pancake Mode in seconds. We'll walk you through the steps to make these transformations with ease.

The Basics: 

The FlipSled consists of the base unit, four handles, and four skis. The skis and handles attach to the FlipSled accessory kit (shown below - middle left image). The handles and skis can be added and removed by simply inserting the accessory in the slot and pulling the pin on the FlipSled. 

Versatility Graphic_v1 (2)

Weighted Tire Mode: 

The FlipSled stripped down, without any green accessories, is ready for weighted tire flips! You can add weight plates to the pins in the middle of the FlipSled to scale the workout to your players. The tire can be continuously flipped end over end when all the accessories are removed. 


Weighted Tire Mode to Team Sled:

The Team Sled requires four handles and four skis. Start by adding two skis to each side of the FlipSled. Then roll the FlipSled over so the skis are on the bottom. Add two handles to each side of the FlipSled. These handles can be rotated 180 degrees for different grip options and stimulus.  


Weighted Tire Mode to Pancake Mode: 

Starting with the sled in tire mode, prepare all four ski accessories on one end of the FlipSled. Insert two of the skis on top, roll the FlipSled to the other side, and add the remaining skis to the same end. 


*Remember to never flip the FlipSled onto the accessories! 

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