FlipSled Hype Ft. Metroflex Gym-Fargo

Oct 7, 2020 2:38:00 PM

FlipSled Hype Ft. Metroflex Gym-Fargo

The hottest training sled on the market continues to catch fire. Created by Metroflex Gym-Fargo, this FlipSled hype video shows how one of our newest members of the #FlipSledFam uses the FlipSled.

The FlipSled requires AND DEVELOPS mental toughness, physical strength, and fearless athletes.


This is the most versatile training sled on the market. Although only 24"x30"x67", it packs a HUGE punch. Loaded with options such as the tire flip, push/pull sled, barrel roll, the CDF move, all harness/banded sled resistance moves, etc. makes it the sled your gym is desperately missing.

In addition to the surplus of workouts and exercises, make it known that it has the capability to be weighted AND unevenly weighted for max muscle recruitment.

CEO of Metroflex Gym-Fargo, John Ostos about their recent purchase:

"Adding the FlipSled to our training equipment arsenal at Metroflex Gym-Fargo, has been huge for us. We’ve not only been able to eliminate a handful of different size tires that were taking up good real estate, but also a couple of our other sleds. We purchased the  FS300 unit and it is so universal for many different styles of training needs as well is extremely durable. In the short time we’ve had it we have really put it to the test and it’s stood up to the hype and more. Having the ability to customize the color options and add our own branding made it one of a kind and unique to our facility."

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