FlipSled - New Ulm High School Football Team Workout

Dec 10, 2020 4:00:14 PM


The ultimate indoor/outdoor team training sled. 

This on-field football workout for the New Ulm High School football team consisted of:

  • 10 Minute Dynamic Warmup
  • 4 Stations - Strength, Competition, Speed, and Recovery (AMRAP in 2 Minutes)
  • 4 Full Team Drills 


The Workout (Stations)

Below are the four stations (5-6 guys per station) 2 minutes per station:

  •  Clean and Press (4 reps + Finish Over the Top) (Using 1 FlipSled)
  • 5 Yard CDF + 10 Yard Sprint (touch cone) + 5 Yard CDF Back (Using 2 FlipSleds)
  • 5 Yard, 2-Man Sled + 10 Yard Sprint (Down and Back)(3 max) (Using 1 FlipSled)
  • Bear Crawl Forward, Backward, Side to Side (10 Yards) + Deadbugs (8 reps) (Using No FlipSled) 

The Workout (Full Team)

The team drills used all four FlipSleds and consisted of:

  • 5 Yard CDF + Flip (Pit Crew Style*) - to the 50 yard line
  • Team Flips (50) - Timed 3) 3 Person Sled - 20 Yards Down, 20 Yards Back - First to 3 Wins
  • 100 Yard Flip Race

    *Pit Crew Style: An athlete completes their portion of the drill and has to sprint back to their line to tag a teammate. Once the teammate is tagged, now that teammate has to complete their portion and so on. The faster you can complete your part and tag your partner, the faster you can complete the drill. There is strategy when completing a longer drill here because the final stages will require a much further sprint.


All in all everyone had a blast. The coaches, athletes, and camera crew loved the intensity and excitement the FlipSled brought. To incorporate a new strength tool into your training program promotes:

  • Adaptation
  • Learning
  • Athletic development

The FlipSled drills we conducted with the team:

  • Encouraged a healthy competitive environment
  • Motivated the athletes and pulled out great performance
  • Brought a level of fun and excitement to the field. 

If you're looking to better prepare your athletes for the upcoming season, create a fun and competitive environment, and waste less time putting athletes in slow moving lines, then the FlipSled should be on your wish list.

The most versatile training sled on the market. #FlipSledFam

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