4 Football Drills: Team Competitions

Nov 11, 2022 11:45:00 PM

Football Team Competitions 

Build teamwork, discipline, and commitment with-in your team. Football is about trusting the guy to the right and left of you. Give your team the opportunity to compete and build trust in practice. These four drills are perfect for teaching you team to compete and win! 

1) 100 yard Tire Flip Race
  • Pick the teams
  • Each player will complete one tire flip followed by next player
  • The team will continue for 100 yards

2) 5 Yard CDF & Sprint Relay

  • Pick your teams
  • A player will clean and drive the FlipSled for 5 yards
  • The player will flip the FlipSled 
  • 10 yd sprint as the next player starts on the CDF

3) 3-Person Sled Push Shuttle

  • Pick teams of 3 payers
  • Players will push the FlipSled 10 yds down and back 

4) 5 yard CDF Pit Crew Relay

  • Separate players into 4 teams
  • One player will clean and drive the FlipSled 5 yards 
  • The player will run around the FlipSled and complete the CDF back to the start 


Team Competition

Teams are built through challenges and competition. Build the culture you want by challenging your team! The FlipSled is the perfect tool to challenge your football team. Create a competitive and winning culture everyday! 


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