3 Football Speed Drills

Nov 16, 2022 11:45:00 PM

Train Speed

Speed can separate the good football players from the great! The good news is speed is a skill and can be trained. It is important to take the time to focus on the mechanics and small movements in order to see the large gains on the field. Football is a game of inches (and speed).  Here are some drills to train sprint mechanics and build strength. 

1) Wall A-MarchesA-Skip Speed training
A-marches are a great warm-up for any speed workout. This movement trains proper sprint mechanics while building hip strength and mobility. A-marches focus on slow and controlled movements that simulate the proper technique. This is also a great movement for core and glute stability.
  • Place hands on a wall 
  • Drive one knee up 
  • 5 second hold then switch legs

Tips: Activate glutes and keep the spine in a neutral position. 

2) Unilateral Sled Push

The Unilateral sled push is perfect to simulate an in-game leg drive. According to FlipSled coach, Eric Lichter, rarely do athletes ever push off both legs at the same time during a football game. Football players must be able to explode unilaterally to gain speed and acceleration. Train single-leg strength in order to increase power and drive! This drill works on football players' balance, strength, and speed with one leg. 

  • Set up two players on the FlipSled
  • 5 single-legs jumps driving the FlipSled forward
  • Switch legs, 5 more single leg jumps 


3) A- March Sled Pull

All you need is the FlipSled and a band. Marching sled pulls build strength and acceleration. This slow and controlled movement trains stability and power by focusing on the proper sprint mechanics while striking force into the ground. 

  • Tie a rope to the FlipSled and the athlete's waist 
  • 20 yd A-march
Tips: Use arms and drive force into the ground


Speed is a Skill! 

You can always improve your speed. Use these three simple drills to build your football player's speed, strength, mechanics, and stability! These skills will set your players and your team apart when it really matters. Don't overlook the small skills and movements!

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