Football Drill - Chase The Sled

Jan 17, 2023 11:45:00 PM

Chase The Sled 

Chase The Sled is a drill designed by former Ohio State Director of Football and now CEO of Plus2University, Eric Lichter, that focuses on short max effort intervals. These short max effort intervals are designed to mimic in game football situations and conditions.

There are two groups in this drill: The FlipSled Group and the Speed Group. The goal of this drill is to be the first to the cone. The FlipSled Group is made up of 4 power players and will set up on the FlipSled in the "Team Sled" mode and work together to push the football sled down the field with max effort to the cone 10 yards away. The Speed Group consists of your speed players, and they will sprint to the cone with no resistance. The Speed Group will start 10 yards behind the FlipSled Group. 

This drill not only helps players develop their strength and endurance, but also encourages teamwork and communication. To set up the drill: 

  1. Position 4 power players on the FlipSled
  2. Place 4-5 speed players on the line
  3. On the Whistle, the speed guys race the FlipSled

The goal is to cross the finish line before the other group. The team that reaches the finish line first is the winner. This drill can be adapted to suit the speed of your team.

*Tip: Increase the distance of the cone or add weight to the FlipSled to get the correct timing for your players. They should cross the cone at almost the exact same time with max effort. 

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