3 Power Building Football Moves

Jan 23, 2023 12:00:00 AM

3 Football Moves For Building Power  

Build strength and power in your football team's workouts! Incorporating movements that target multiple muscle groups and involve explosive exercises can be a great way to level up your players. Check out these three power-building exercises you can incorporate into your team's routine to improve strength, power, and overall fitness. These exercises include the linemen throws, landmine squats, and sky jumps. 

1) Lineman Throw
This exercise can help improve upper body strength and hip explosiveness for linemen. Be powerful and explosive! 



2) Landmine Squat  

Landmine squats can be an effective way to strengthen the legs and core, as well as improve balance and stability. Be controlled and explosive! 



3) Sky Jumps 

Sky jumps combine a tire flip and jump squat. Sky Jumps are a high-intensity exercise that can help improve leg strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance. Be quick and powerful! 


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