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Jan 25, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Coconino Panthers: 

In January 2022, the Coconino Panthers football team invested in 3 FS-200s to prepare for the upcoming 2022-23 football season. The Panthers wanted FlipSleds to maximize their off-season training. The Panthers used their FlipSleds during the off and pre-season for athletic development and building power. 

Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Mike Lapsley, told us his focus when building powerful football players is technique and pure athleticism. The FlipSleds fit this mold for his team. Coach Lapsley said the FlipSled has been a strong tool to assist his team in training targeted muscle groups and overall athleticism for his squad. The Coconino football program has been successful since Coach Lapsley took over as head coach in 2019. In 2020, the Panthers made back-to-back postseason appearances and were ranked 16th in Arizona 4a headed into the 2022 football season. 


The Panthers saw the main benefits of the FlipSled in the weight room. The FlipSeld allows the Panthers to train hip movement, tackling and blocking year round. The Panthers train hip movement and drive focusing on the tire flip movement in the weight room and on the field. 

The Panthers also use the FlipSled during the season for team competition and challenges. The Panthers frequently use the FlipSled in sled push and race competitions during in-season practices to build team camaraderie. 

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