Hermiston High School | Camaraderie and Conditioning

Jan 30, 2023 12:00:00 AM
Sometimes in life you have to move a heavy load and it is easier with a friend. With the FlipSled, our players can move the heavy weight with their teammates and friends"
- Coach David Faaetete 


Camaraderie and Conditioning

The Hermiston Bulldogs are located in Hermiston, OR, led by Head Coach, David Faaeteete. David Faaeteete was a defensive tackle at the University of Oregon from 2004 - 2008. After he graduated from The University of Oregon in 2008, he was drafted by the Chicago Bears. Soon after, Faaeteete returned to Oregon to coach high school football. He started as the head coach at Hermiston High school in 2015. 

In August 2022, Coach Faaetete invested in six FlipSleds to improve their preseason football training. Coach Faaeteete shared with us that he implements the FlipSled into practice through on-field team conditioning, weight room strength building, and lineman drills. 

The FlipSled's largest impact for the Bulldogs has been team building and camaraderie during strength and conditioning days. Coach shares, "The teamwork and competition the FlipSled brings to the field allows guys to condition without just focusing on the conditioning". Coach believes the FlipSled is a great tool to build teamwork.

Coach Faaeteete spoke to us about his team and described them as a young team with a bright future. The Bulldogs only graduated nine seniors after the 2022-2023 football season. Coach Faaeteete is excited for the 2023 season due to the large group of guys already committed to preparing this off-season!

Building Winning Humans 

We had the opportunity to talk to Coach Faaeteete about his coaching philosophy for building team culture and developing a successful program. Coach sees football as an avenue to invest in his players and teach them how to overcome hardship and difficulties. Coach Faaeteete believes in building winning players and humans. He hopes to teach his players the importance of working hard and investing in the community. 

Coach loves that he can move more players during practices and push weight without overloading players.  The Bulldogs use the FlipSled multiple times of the year: 

  • Preseason: On-field team conditioning
  • During the Season: On-field conditioning and O-line drills 
  • Off-Season: Inside during Tuesday and Thursday lifts as power-building stations

Check out how the FlipSled can benefit your team with more FlipSled drills ⤵️

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