Top 5 FlipSled Drill of 2022

Dec 14, 2022 11:45:00 PM

Top 5 Football FlipSled Drills of 2022:

With 2023 quickly approaching, we are revisiting the 5 best drills from this year. We have worked with great coaches, trainers, and players this year. Check out our greatest hits from this year! 

1)  Sled and Shed 

Coach Eric Lichter's favorite FlipSled drill, Sled and Shed, allows players to train leg drive and explosive sprint bursts. Train speed and explosiveness with Sled and Shed.  

2) DB Functional Rotation Drill

Coach Rodney Harris' favorite FlipSled drill is a defensive back specific drill. The DB Functional rotation drill allows players to train strength and stability that will transfer directly to the field

3) Pancake Pit Crew Relay 

New Ulm high school's Pancake Pit Crew Relay is a great drill that encourages competition while training players to drive and finish the block. 

4) 3 Person Sled Push Shuttle 

The 3 Person Sled Push Shuttle with allow you to get more athletes moving! Inspire competition while training leg drive and explosiveness. 

5) 100 Yard Flip Race

The 100 Yard Flip Race is the perfect drill for endurance, explosiveness, and competition. Build your team's stamina and speed with this drill. 

Check out this Linval Joseph Training session featuring the FlipSled: 

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Former Ohio State Football Director of Strength and Conditioning, CEO of Plus2University, and speed guru, Eric Lichter, teaches the importance of sled work to develop a truly fast team.

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