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Jul 24, 2023 12:00:00 AM

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Offensive linemen are the unsung heroes who toil in the trenches, paving the way for their team's success. O-linemen often go unnoticed, but their impact is undeniable. One training camp that has gained considerable recognition for honing the skills of these unsung warriors is the Brute Offensive Linemen Camp, led by former 49er’s offensive linemen Alex Boone. Check out the drills used to train linemen at this year's camp to improve run blocking technique. 

Run Blocking: 

1. Star Drill

The "Star Drill" challenges offensive linemen to think and react swiftly while maintaining proper technique. This drill involves five cones placed in a star-shaped pattern. Upon the coach’s command, the linemen will engage with blocking techniques, practicing their ability to transition between assignments efficiently. The "Star Drill" enhances linemen's mental processing, ensuring they make split-second decisions while maintaining their balance and technique. 


2. Shed the Block ft FlipSled 

The "Shed the Block" drill trains offensive linemen to drive the first blocking assignment then shed the FlipSled and move to the second level. In this drill linemen focus on hand placement, leverage, and body positioning to maintain control. 


3. The "Step, Step, Punch" 

The step, step, punch drill emphasizes the coordination between footwork and hand placement. Offensive linemen execute precise steps with their feet while synchronizing their punch to maintain control over the defender. This drill trains the linemen to engage opponents with a powerful strike at the precise moment, disrupting the defender's momentum and allowing the lineman to take control of the defender. 


4. Pancake Blocking ft. FlipSled 

The "Pancake" drill captures the essence of offensive linemen's dominance. In this drill, linemen engage with defenders, aiming to overpower and drive them into the ground. It emphasizes the physicality and strength required to finish a block. The "Pancake" drill boosts offensive lineman's confidence and fosters a “Finish everything” mentality. 

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