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Jul 26, 2023 12:00:00 AM

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As the unsung heroes of the football field, offensive linemen play a crucial role in ensuring the success of their team's passing game. O-linemen often go unnoticed, but their impact is undeniable. One training camp that has gained considerable recognition for honing the skills of these unsung warriors is the Brute Offensive Linemen Camp, led by former 49er’s offensive linemen Alex Boone. Check out the drills used to train linemen at this year's camp.

Pass Pro Drills: 

1 . Set and Punch

A fundamental aspect of an offensive lineman's role is protecting the quarterback in pass situations. The "Set and Punch" drill emphasizes the initial movements and hand punch required for effective pass blocking. Players learn to quickly establish a solid base, followed by a powerful punch to deflect the medball. This drill enhances the lineman's ability to react quickly with a strong punch. 


2. Med Ball Stability

A lineman's ability to maintain balance and core stability is critical for withstanding the brute force exerted by opposing defenders. The "Med Ball Stability'' drill involves the use of medicine balls to challenge the lineman's balance and coordination. Once the lineman establishes a solid base, the coach will throw the lineman a med ball. The coach will then press on the med ball in a different direction to attempt to throw the player off balance.  By incorporating sudden shifts in weight distribution, this drill focuses on the linemen's ability to anchor themselves firmly, preventing defenders from overpowering them. 


3. Kick Start

The "Kick Start" drill focuses on the footwork and agility of offensive linemen. Quick and precise foot movements are vital for players to be positioned correctly during blocking assignments. This drill involves explosive movements, emphasizing the importance of agile footwork to stop defenders' attempts to penetrate the line of scrimmage. By mastering the "Kick Start" drill, linemen develop the speed and agility necessary to keep defenders away from the quarterback. 

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