A Chance for The Big Guys to Shine

Aug 23, 2023 12:00:00 AM

A Chance for the Big Guys to Shine

Football thrives on competition. From the nail-biting 7-on-7 games to the adrenaline-pumping plays on the field, the sport celebrates the spirit of competition like no other. But amidst all the excitement and glory, there's a group of players that often goes unnoticed when it comes to head-to-head off season challenges – the unsung heroes of the game, the linemen.

Screen Shot 2023-07-27 at 8.59.56 AM_adobe_expressLinemen form the backbone of every football team, anchoring the offensive and defensive lines with their sheer power, technique, and strategy. They tirelessly protect their quarterbacks, open up running lanes, and relentlessly pursue the opposing team's ball carriers. Their dedication and skills are unparalleled, and yet, they are often overshadowed by the glamor of other positions.

Linemen often have to watch from the sidelines as their teammates engage in competitive 7-on-7 games, leaving them without an opportunity to showcase their skills in the same competitive arena. That's why the bigs deserve a competition of their own! Check out this video that shows a funny take on 7-on- 7 for linemen: 

Linemen Competitions are a competition that allow high school teams to put together a group of 8  linemen to come and compete in competitions of strength and agility. These events often include tug of war, tire flips, sled pushes, races, med ball throws, bench press and more. 

 These competitions give players an opportunity and platform togo head-to-head, hone their craft, and display their prowess. Competitions like these allow linemen to go head to head with local talent creating a brotherhood within teams and across high school to further grow the linemen community. Local competitions also allow coaches to celebrate their linemen’s talents, skills, and strength. 

Additionally, linemen competitions can attract attention from coaches, scouts, and fans alike. This heightened visibility could potentially lead to more opportunities for linemen to shine, be it at the college level, the professional arena, or even national recognition.

This summer we have seen an increase in linemen competitions wanting to include the FlipSled in their programing. We traveled all over the country supporting these linemen competitions. Check out how the FlipSled played a small part in these important events. 


West Covina Lineman Competition


Lone Star Lineman Competition:


Michigan Lineman Olympics: 

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