Why Do I Coach Football?

May 6, 2024 7:53:10 AM

Why do I coach? To coach football? Or to take the time to teach how to use the equipment? These could be questions you're asking yourself and hopefully, you're coaching to coach football and better your players.😎 The last thing you should be concerned about is using the majority of your practice time to teach kids how to use football training equipment. The more time you spend trying to teach players how to use complex equipment or perform complex power movements, the less time you train, and the less prepared you are on game day. We have an answer - and it also encompasses three essential power development moves for football. 


And we can help. The FlipSled has become the best power development tool for football programs across the nation because of its easy-to-teach, efficient, and low-risk means to develop power. We've desiged the FlipSled to produce all of the benefits of traditional power movements (like power cleans and snatches), but we've simplified it so you can do what you want to do - and that's coach football, not teach the intricacies of biomechanics and power development. 

Football coaches need players with powerful leg drive, explosive hips, and violent finishing power. We say it all the time when we’re with players and we know you do too: DRIVE! HIPS! & FINISH! Those are three essential components of football, and those are the three core movements the FlipSled specializes in. 


You want your lineman to become more powerful, right? They should be able to push MORE weight FASTER than your opponents - and the FlipSled hits the nail on the head perfectly with that philosophy. The FlipSled is second to none at developing powerful leg drive, explosive hips, and violent finishing power all while being super easy to teach because it’s moves that your players are already so familiar with. 

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Coach, don’t get lost in the mess of training products that don't fully simulate game-day action and are difficult to teach your athletes. Keep it simple. At the end of the day having a product that is easy to teach, safe for the players, and it's an efficient at developing what you're after, then it will saves time,  get more benefits faster, and the kids will have more fun. So, why did you become a coach? To coach football. 

Talk with our team to learn why the FlipSled is being adopted by high school, NFL, and collegiate programs across the country as the preferred football training equipment piece being the best means to develop power, easily. 

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