Football Trainer: Bill Welle

Jul 15, 2022 3:09:54 PM


That's how Bille Welle describes the FlipSled. The FlipSled can be used to practice multiple movements like driving, cleaning, and flipping. The FlipSled allows athletes to simulate positions that are typically difficult in the weight room. Welle describes the FlipSled as the perfect tool to practice “moving a body”. The FlipSled also allows coaches to get creative with training, as well as, change the grip and hand positioning.


More about Bille Welle

Bill Welle has been in the sports performance business for over 27 year and has been training players for the NFL combine for 25 years. Welle has trained 30 1st round draft picks including NFL’s Cris Carter, Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Floyd, Kyle Rudolph, and NBA’s Jon Leuer, and Cole Aldrich. We had the opportunity to get Bill’s thoughts on the FlipSled. See what he had to say!


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