Sled and Shed - Eric Lichter

Jul 8, 2022 3:22:16 PM

Sled and Shed

Former Ohio State University Director of Strength and Conditioning, now CEO of Plus2 University, Eric Lichter, shows coaches one of his favorite exercises with the FlipSled.  This team exercise focuses on acceleration, the most important piece of speed in football. A large emphasis for this team football drill with the FlipSled is force production into the ground. Leg strength and power are crucial for speed and acceleration in football.

  • 5-yard team sled push followed by 10-yard “chase the rabbit” sprint.

Benefits of Sled and Shed:

This drill is designed to mimic real football plays and the work-rest ratio associated with them (about 6 seconds of high intensity). This is considered to be “burst training”, or to be as explosive and as powerful as we can for a short amount of time. 


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