Central Michigan

Jul 25, 2022 8:44:07 AM
Central Michigan Football:

The 2021 Sun bowl champs! The director of strength and conditioning at Central Michigan, Joel Welsh, expands on the team’s implantation of the FlipSled during their successful 2021 season, “The FlipSled has been a major addition to our arsenal of strength training equipment, and has allowed us to expand our ability to best prepare our athletes for high-performance situations”

The Central Michigan Chippewas beat Washington State 24-21 in the 2021 Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl. Central Michigan came into the game ready to defeat a power five conference team. The Chippewas finished the bowl game with five sacks, 12 tackles for loss and held Washington State to 18 rushing yards. 

The FlipSled allows athletes to train in game-like situations. The FlipSled is a lever that is designed to be thrown in order to simulate blocking and exploding through the opponent. Athletes can also train sprint mechanics and develop power with the FlipSled with the sled push and tire flip. The FlipSled is the perfect functional training tool that connects the weight room to the field. 


Check out the three FlipSled modes: The Pancake, the Tire Flip, and the Team Sled. 

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