Full Team Practice: Football Conditioning Drills

Jul 22, 2022 8:18:10 AM

Move More Players

The FlipSled allows coaches to get creative with team practices. The FlipSled is perfect for full football teams to train intervals of work and rest. New Ulm high school football demonstrates how to move 4X more athletes with the FlipSled than a normal sled. 

Watch the New Ulm practice highlights below!


Team drills utilizing the FlipSled and multiple players: 

  • 5 Yard CDF + Flip (relay style) - to the 50 yard line
  • Team Flips (50) + 4-person sled push 
  • 100 Yard Flip Race
  • Clean and Press the FlipSled (4 reps + Finish Over the Top) 
  • 5 Yard CDF (Clean Drive Flip) + 10 Yard Sprint (touch cone) + 5 Yard CDF Back 
  • 5 Yard, 2-Man Sled + 10 Yard Sprint (Down and Back)

The FlipSled allows coaches to bring competition and intensity to their practices!

See More on The Team Sled Here!


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