Eric Lichter Spotlight

Jul 27, 2022 8:49:17 AM

"When I get you, if you're gonna run through the wall you're going to run through the wall fast!” - Eric Lichter

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More about Lichter:

Eric Litchter is the former Ohio State University Director of Strength and Conditioning, now CEO of Plus2 University. He started off as a college football player at Weber State University where he found a love for training athletes to “get fast, fast” as Litchter would say. Litchter has an impressive list of athletes that he has trained such as Lebron James, 30 first round NFL and NBA draft picks, and two heisman trophy winners. Now he focuses on developing young athletes. At Plus2 University, Lichter focuses on building speed with his athletes and getting 2% better every day. 

Litchter created a workout series called Speed Kills using the FlipSled to increase speed, acceleration, and power.  The drills include sled pushes, resistance bands, max effort sprinting, and power moves. The Speed Kills series utilizes the versatility of the FlipSled while maximizing athletic development for the athletes.

Take advantage of Lichter’s experience and creative use of the FlipSled by watching the Speed Kills Series on the latest workout page. 

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