Team FlipSled Competition

Sep 27, 2022 1:31:16 PM

CSP’s Early Morning FlipSled Competition

The FlipSled allowed multiple CSP athletes to compete in a challenging relay style sled push that encouraged teamwork, high energy, grit, and resilience.

 The Competition:

The Golden Bears used two FS-200s in a team relay style sled push race. Coach Overland divided the group of CSP football freshmen into four teams. A pair of athletes pushed the FlipSled 20 yards then one partner individually pushed the FlipSled back 10 yards followed by the second partner finishing the last 10 yards to the start line.

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Thursday Morning Freshman Competitions

Concordia St. Paul football has 6 am freshman competitions every Thursday morning during football season. This Thursday, the Golden Bears utilized the FlipSled to challenge their freshman squad. This 6 am wake-up call was a fun one with the CSP Football FlipSled competition! 

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