Move of the Week: Sled Push

Jun 6, 2021 12:00:00 AM

One of the safest and most natural power producing movements in many strength and conditioning programs is the sled push exercise.

After examining the the sled market, we found a hole...there was no sled designed for team (multi-person) sled workouts for strength and conditioning programs. The FlipSled fills this gap and we can't be more excited to continue to help further develop athletes, their team comradery, and competitive environment

FlipSled Sled Push Features/Benefits:

  • The First Multi-Person Team Strength and Conditioning Sled
    • Adjust the handles to accommodate a 1-4 person sled push
  • Natural Power Producing Move
    • The sled push is one of the most natural and safest exercises you can perform while creating functional power
  • Age and Fitness Level Adaptability
    • Very easy to use, simple to learn, and not as technical as many other exercises. 
  • Versatility 
    • The options are hard to exhaust. From changing your grips, the weight, distances, reps, add-ons such as sprints and push ups makes this a phenomenal power producing exercise. 

Other Benefits:

  • Full-Body Workout 
  • Adjustable Handles
  • Multi Surface Ability
  • Low Impact
  • Only Concentric Contractions
  • Nutrient Delivery
  • High Volume, Low Stress
  • Recovery/Rehab
  • High Calorie Burner 

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