Move of the Week: Top Bar Tire Flip

Nov 21, 2021 12:00:00 AM


The Top Bar Tire Flip is a variation of a normal Tire Flip that changes up your stance to make the flip more difficult towards the top of its arc. Rather than getting low on to the bottom bar and frontloading the weight, using the top bar make the heaviest point of the lift at the peak of the flip. It's a subtle variation in how you do the flip, but it makes a huge difference.

Why Top Bar Tire Flip?

The Top Bar Tire Flip is a great finishing move. Rather than getting easier as it progresses like a normal flip, the Top Bar variant makes the maximum weight point near the peak of the flip. This shift in weight distribution makes for a larger endurance requirement -- you need to both get the flip up to that point, and then power through the most difficult phase of the flip. Each repetition will require muscular endurance, and then a surge of power toward the end -- which will increase your muscle gain, as your muscles will be required to work while tired.

FlipSled Features:

  • Usable by multiple athletes by alternating reps
  • Safer to use by solo athletes, predictable flipping pattern
  • Variable Weight (190-690lbs)
  • Multi Surface Usage

Top Bar Tire Flip Benefits:

  • Practical workout for on-field results
  • Works quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, arms, and core
  • Heavy arm endurance workout
  • Enhanced results from working through fatigue


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