Overpower Opponents

Feb 20, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Overpower Opponents With The FlipSled 

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The Pancake move, with the FlipSled (aka the Pancake Sled 🥞), focuses on the "finishing" aspect of blocking, and builds the overall power to do so. This move trains linemen to overpower their opponents by focusing on overall strength, power, and explosiveness needed to drive an opponent off the line of scrimmage.

Strength training is crucial for offensive linemen. Explosive upper body and leg strength is necessary to drive opponents back and onto their heels. The FlipSled allows players to build strength while simulating an in-game block. Coaches are able to instruct blocking technique while the athletes are getting stronger and more explosive by driving and finishing the block. The functional movement achieved with the Pancake mode can enhance explosiveness and overall performance for linemen, consequently, protecting your quarterback. 

One of the advantages of the FlipSled and the Pancake move is that it allows for resistance training that closely mimics the movements and resistance that a lineman would experience during a game on the field. The weight of the FlipSled allows players to simulate contact and resistance similar to an actual game, but during training. The throwing and finishing motion of the Pancake move allows lineman to generate the force and explosiveness necessary to overpower the defender and drive through the block. 

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Offensive linemen need to be effective with their hands, arms, and shoulders to push and control the defender. The FlipSled allows coaches to instruct proper body positioning and leverage while facing a controlled, but game-like, resistance. 

Additionally, the versatility of the FlipSled allows coaches to develop other abilities for linemen. Coaches can use the FlipSled’s Team Sled Push and Tire Flip mode for hip explosiveness, leg drive, and teamwork/communication.

The FlipSled is an effective training tool for your football linemen. It will help your entire team by protecting your quarterback and owning that line of scrimmage. Find the best model for your team ⤵️

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