Move of the Week: Kneeling Press

Sep 24, 2021 3:09:29 PM


Last week we covered the Standing Press, and this week it's time for the Kneeling Press. Very similar workouts, but the variation of kneeling makes for an even further isolated upper body workout. Kneeling for the workout also requires stability in the hips and core, which further increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

Why Kneeling Press?

The Kneeling Press brings in the twist of a kneeling position to put more importance on body control, specifically in the hips. This serves to engage the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core to maintain balance during the lift. The Kneeling Press will still give you a great chest and shoulders workout, and the addition of lower body stability training makes it an excellent addition to any routine.

FlipSled Features:

  • Variable positioning for variable muscle work
  • Hinge point lift for safer lifting
  • Variable Weight (190-690lbs)
  • Multi Surface Usage

Kneeling Press Benefits:

  • Chest, shoulder, and core workout
  • Low impact for injury prevention
  • Variants for focusing on different muscle groups
  • Functional strength improvement
  • Lower body stability development


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