Move of the Week: Royal Flips

Oct 3, 2021 12:00:00 AM


The Royal Flip is a very similar workout to the Royal Sled we featured weeks ago. It combines the work of a tire flip, the burn of a burpee, and the explosiveness of a box jump in one workout. It's a workout that's well-rounded with cardio, strength, and explosiveness. If you want to push your endurance to the limit and see improvements in multiple facets of your athleticism, this might be the workout for you.

Why Royal Flip?

By combining a handful of different workout elements the Royal Flip brings some of the best all-around burn you can get in a single workout. Packed full of high intensity, short duration moves, the Royal Flip alternates the type of move you're performing to get the entire body in motion and build not only strength, but also heaps of endurance. Being an anaerobic workout, the Royal Flip will be only more rewarding with the more intensity you put into it.

FlipSled Features:

  • All-in-One versatility to include additional moves if desired
  • Combine box jumps and tire flips in one
  • Variable Weight (190-690lbs)
  • Multi Surface Usage

Royal Flip Benefits:

  • Works chest, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves
  • High intensity, fast reps for team workouts
  • Anaerobic workout for increased muscle development
  • Great cardio and endurance exercise
  • Functional strength development in the flip and jump
  • Hybrid plyometric and weight training for both strength and balance

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