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Welcome To Pancake Territory - a domain built to overpower opponents with one power development tool, the FlipSled. The FlipSled is the best power development tool for linemen and has proven to maximize on-field dominance. One tool with three signature power moves to help train your team to pancake their opponents. 


The FlipSled is known and favored for its versatility and applicability to linemen on the field. This 1 tool gives programs the opportunity to facilitate 3 power moves that help your players develop the power necessary to overpower (pancake 🥞) opponents. Don't worry, we know one-size doesn't always fit all, so we have 3 different sizes to meet your programs demands. No matter which size you feel fits your program best, all of them can do our three signature power moves. Our power moves focus on: 

  1. Drive - Generate Power, Speed and Control 
  2. Hips - Develop Explosive Movement Acceleration and Agility
  3. Finish - Maintain Control and Dominance Over Your Opponent

DRIVE Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 4.54.20 PM

The FlipSled, configured as a Team Sled, is designed to accommodate
1-4 athletes at one time, significantly increasing the number of athletes engaged during practice. It serves as a critical tool for football athletes in their physical dominance on the field by facilitating explosive leg drive, enhanced leverage, and improved acceleration.

HIPS Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 4.54.01 PM

The FlipSled, configured as a Weighted Tire, is designed to develop powerful hip movement and triple extension - crucial for explosive force generation, balance maintenance, and effective blocks. It's dynamic, full-body nature closely mimics field demands, enabling linemen to overpower opponents with the necessary force and drive. 

FINISH Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 4.54.29 PM

The FlipSled, configured as a CDF "Clean. Drive. Finish.", combines a lifting, driving, AND finishing motion - the first of its kind. By incorporating these three key motions, linemen can enhance their upper body strength, lower body strength and explosive finishing power, allowing them to forcefully disengage (or pancake) opponents and maintain control during critical plays. 


At FlipSled - We love linemen, developing your program, and are just as passionate about football as you. Our dedication extends past the product as we continue to invest in research, development, and testing. Our goal? To ensure your program always stays ahead, embracing the future of football training. 

We're ready to take your program to the next-level. Ready to start or learn more? Fill out a product brochure request form and an equipment expert will be in touch with you to learn about your team's demands, discuss pricing and answer any questions! Welcome to Pancake Territory! 

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