FlipSled Benefits: More Moves. More Efficient. Less Injuries.

Mar 9, 2020 5:40:42 PM

The Power of Functional Training. Taken Further. 

The FlipSled  is the newest and most versatile functional training tool on the market. This new tool was designed to create better athletes, not just stronger people. 

More Moves:

The combination of traditional moves into one explosive movement develops a higher performance output for athletes. This is a MUST for functional athletic development. 

Football Sled

Just a few moves you can perform- 1 person sled, 2 person sled, 3 person sled, 4 person sled, weighted tire flip (can be unevenly weighted for extra muscle recruitment), wheelbarrow “drive and flip”,  speed/resistance training with harness, banded/TRX moves...just to name a few.  

More Efficient:

Your athletes will love it, and so will you. The ability to change from a bobsled, to a wheelbarrow “drive and flip'', to a weighted tire in seconds has changed the game forever. Super-setting, drop sets, and group workouts and drills have never been easier. 

Football Sled

Less Injuries

Pronated Grip

- Lessen the risk of injury when performing high intensity power training.  With the FlipSled, bicep tears from the supinated grip is no longer a concern. The handles on the FlipSled  allow for a pronated grip, lessening stress on the distal bicep tendon while still mimicking the explosive movement.

Progressive Overload

- Use the FlipSled’s  ability to add or subtract weight to practice progressive overload training. This ability to manipulate the weight allows you to tailor workouts to individuals. 

Throw the Weight

- Some exercises, such as the Power Clean, require the athlete to catch the weight. This limits the amount of weight the athlete can move or increase the risk of injury. The FlipSled mimics these movements, but does not require the athlete to catch the weight. Instead, the athlete finishes the move completely. Studies have shown that this “throwing” of the weight greatly increases the wattage output of an athlete.

We want to help you turn standard athletes into elite competitors. 

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Watch NFL Combine Trainer, Bill Welle, on the FlipSled.  

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